Peer Review Assignment (ASU)

I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

Please find the essay for peer review attached to this e-mail. In addition to the essay, here are some guidelines and tips:

1. Please do not start the peer review without reading the “General Peer Review Guidelines” that is posted in the Week 5 module.

2. By the time you finish with the essay, it should look like the one I return to you with my comments. It should show PLENTY of comments inside the text, on the right-hand margin, and at the end of the document.

3. Look at ALL the following parts of the essay:

a. formatting: headers, line spacing, etc.

b. title: Is the title engaging? Yes/no, why?

c. parts of the introduction: rhetorical hook, bridge, thesis. Effective? Yes/no, why?

d. parts of each body paragraph: topic sentence, supporting details, concluding/transitioning sentence. Transitioning between ideas/sentences.

e. parts of the conclusion: restatement of the thesis, key points, closing remark.

f. overall flow/argument/expression/tone: Tell me whether you believe the essay is effectively written all in all.

g. Note if the the essay contain mistakes from the Checklist.

4. I will evaluate your work based on your thoroughness, so the review is not going to get a passing grade if all I see inside is a “This essay is good. I give it an A.” When you make a judgement, such as “effective thesis,” you must explain to me why you think the thesis is effective.

5. Do not forget to assign a grade.

6. You can submit the peer reviewed essay in either Word or PDF–or actually both

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Assignment Solutions