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All of the policies below are in terms of the United States. It can be both the federal government and if more local terms are needed, California is the state to go with. Other states can be mentioned if the policies are complete outliers. I do want the tone of the paper to be against capital punishment.

1. Policy Problem (100 word max)

What is the problem now? Describe the current situation and explain what exactly is the

problem? Why not simply embrace the current situation? Present data and facts that

demonstrate that there is a problem.

2. Current Policy (150 words max)

Present the current policy. What does the Government or the local municipality do at the

moment? Examine the current situation by using news publications, reports, academic

papers and books.

3. What else could be done? (250 words max)

Here you need to discuss alternatives to the current policy. If the current policy is not

excellent, if it has room for improvement what needs to be done? You can either think of

your own solutions to the problem you describe in section 1, or you can study other

countries’ policies toward that particular problem. Clearly describe 2-3 alternatives.

4. Evaluate Alternatives (250 words max)

Compare the current policy to the alternatives you have come up with. An alternative may

be better in one aspect but worse in another. Show strong and weak points of each of the

alternatives. Suppose you have come up with 2 alternatives to the current policy in section

3. One of the alternatives, say alternative 1 may, for instance, be economically more

efficient, but politically and morally troublesome. Alternative 2 may be morally right, but go

against the interests of a powerful minority etc.

PPE, March 31, 2020

5. Choose and give more details. (100 words max)

Based on the comparison and evaluation of different alternative policies, choose one the

alternatives. Your choice needs to be convincing. You need to show that the alternative you

choose is better both from the current policy as well as from other alternatives you have

discussed in Section 3.

6. Give more details (90 words max)

Discuss an action plan, a time frame, answer some of the challenges raised against the

alternative you have chosen etc.

7. Summarize (90 words max)

Goes without saying

8. References (out of word count)

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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