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Part I: Short Essays. Identify SIX of the following eight items and explain their importance/relevance as they relate to our understanding of the development of world Christianity. (around 250 words each) Note: Please use the sources listed at the end for references. Each item must have at least one reference. You may use outside scholarly sources as well if you are unable to find anything from the sources provided. Make sure to cite your references beneath each one. 

  1. Rv. James Smith
  2. Douglas Nicholls
  3. Magdalene of Nagasaki
  4. Inclusivism
  5. Eric Liddell
  6. Liberation Theology
  7. St. Thomas Churches
  8. Sojourner Truth

Part II: Essay Questions. Answer the two essay questions below separately. Each answer should be roughly 350-450  or more words in length. 

  1. Describe the events that occurred at the Council of Jerusalem as recounted in Acts 15 and Galatians 2 (can be found in an online Bible), giving special consideration to the chief issues being debated and the different sides being taken. Describe and assess the final resolution of the Council and its importance for the development of Christianity as a global religion.
    1. Note: make sure to cite the bible when referencing to them. They should be cited as the bible and not the online source in which they were read from. 
  2. One of the chief reasons for the world-wide spread of Christianity is the way that the church can adapt to different cultures, including our own, while still maintaining core Christian commitments. First, what do you consider the core truths and practices of Christian faith that must be expressed in the life of the church in every culture in order for that church to be considered truly Christian? Second, imagine you are helping friends from another country prepare for missionary work in San Diego. Identify three aspects of American culture (beliefs, attitudes practices) they’d want to reject and/or avoid in building a faithfully Christian church and three you’d want them to understand in order for their church to be culturally relevant. Explain.
    1. Note: You may use outside sources.. though this one is mostly thought based. Outside sources may be used for the identification of the three aspects that one must reject and the three that they must include or understand (research on these aspects can be done) make sure to cite if you choose to do use outside sources. Have at least one reference from an outside source. make sure it is scholarly. 
    2. Note: Make sure to answer each question within each prompt for each part. Make sure to cite each source and reference utilized. Please ask if you have any questions. 

Readings and References you must use: 

1. Global Gospel – by Douglas Jacobsen – can be found on https://www.scribd.com you will have to create a free subscription for the cite) 

2. Introduction to World Christian History – by Derek Cooper- Also found on scribd.com 

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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