one initial discussion and make comment on 2 classmate respons

I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

This is discussion homework.

1. you need write initial post in an answer to one of the study questions listed below. 2. Response to a classmate. 3. Response to a second classmate. So you will work on the initial discussion first today, You will write your own discussion about topic minimum 500 words.

You must answer all the questions in the prompt and show evidence of having read the resources that are required to complete the discussion properly (such as by using quotes, referring to specific points made in the text, etc.).

not including references.

2. After you give me your discussion, tomorrow I will upload the other 2 people discussion and you will just make comment response to them.

each minimum 250 words

not including references.

The reason why i need upload other 2 student discussion tomorrow for u to make a comment, because I can’t see other people discussion until I post mine, so that’s why I will need to give you other 2 people discussion after you give me my initial respond about questions.

Discussion Question

Plato’s Symposium tackles the question: What is Love? Ultimately, we are told by Socrates that Eros is philosophy, the love of wisdom. How does Diotima’s Ladder of Love” guide one to understand Plato’s forms, the form of ‘Beauty,’ ‘truth’, ‘good’? How does love of body, lover and beloved relationships, inspire one to love wisdom? Do you see this playing out in “The Loving Story”, the documentary on Richard and Mildred Loving? Might the Ladder of Love be useful for addressing our current challenges with the pandemic, social distancing, and other injustices?

Defend your position with quotes from the readings, film, lecture notes and your line of reasoning

If you have a position, you should strive to provide reasons in defense of that position. When responding to peers, you should strive to first understand the reasons they are offering before challenging or critiquing those reasons. One good way of doing this is by summarizing their argument before offering a critique or evaluation. Be sure to use terms in line with Socrates and Plato. For example, Knowledge, according to Plato, involves truth and is never false, and never changes (see Lecture Notes on Plato).

Care with language

All postings (including replies to peers) are expected to be thought out, proofread for mechanical, grammatical, and spelling accuracy, and to advance the discussion in an intelligent and meaningful way (i.e., saying something like “I really enjoyed what you had to say” will not count). You are also encouraged to do outside research and quote from that as well. Also, keep in mind your ethical guidelines for engaging in sensitive, high-stakes conversations.

You will find more on this topic at the link below.

Also I upload the material might be helpful for discussion, there is reading and there is study questions, also other one is answer for study questions. also welcome to look through internet if is helpful. but please no copy!

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