NUR435 DSN Informatics Standa

Discussion Questions Requirements: Main discussion post should be at least 2-3 paragraphs. Two peer responses should be at least 50 words minimum. Cite your references using APA 7th edition.

NUR435 Discussion post:

Step 1 Post your response to the discussion board.

With the introduction of huge amounts of technology and electronic documentation, it seems that we are moving further from providing hands-on nursing care to patients. How can we, as nurses, apply nursing informatics standards to personalize care for patients? Give some examples of how you have seen technology used to personalize care.

Step 2 Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them and cite your references using APA 7th edition.

Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate other students’ posts. Consider the methods of applying informatics to patient care that were discussed by other students. Share whether you agree or disagree with the methods they chose and explain why. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support your opinions.

NUR435 Student Posts:

Student #1: “Save Lives: Everything from telemetry to automated blood pressure cuffs are considered informatics tools and help keep patients safe. As a nurse, you have so much to track and monitor. Being able to rely on equipment and healthcare technology like telemetry monitors helps reduce errors and makes it possible for you to be present and engaged with your patients. Protect Themselves: Charting via an electronic health record (EHR) helps protect nurses if patient care activities are ever called into question later. All those hard stops in an EHR can feel frustrating, but they are actually there to remind nurses of essential charting pieces, keeping record that the right patient care has been delivered. Increase Efficiency: A well-designed system or electronic health record can help nurses answer questions quickly, chart comprehensively and look up patient information effortlessly. All of this frees up time for the busy clinician that could be better spent with patients” (Quinn, 2017).

In my personal care, we utilize electronic charting to document donor’s personal information, vitals, and notes. This system also includes donor’s test results and some personal health information. At times, we have donors who wish to have a print out of OOL vitals to show to their PCP. With this electronic system, we are able to give them the required information. In my facility, we use a lot of nursing informatics to process our donors.

Student #2:The article I chose is “IOM Provides Emergency Help to Thousands of Haitians Affected by Earthquake.” The article talks about how there was an earthquake on August 14th. Among 800,000 people affected by the earthquake, thousands are internally displaced, and hundreds are still missing (IOM Provides Emergency Help to Thousands of Haitians affected by Earthquake, 2021). More than 12,000 have been injured, straining an already fragile health system. According to official figures, more than 52,000 houses have been destroyed and 77,000 severely damaged, including essential schools and hospitals, and 2,200 people have died (IOM Provides Emergency Help to Thousands of Haitians affected by Earthquake, 2021).

As nurses, we can help by assist with food, shelter, attending to anyone who has been injured, getting hygiene kits with the basics of soap and toothpaste. Provide support and help the public regain confidence in rebuilding their lives and living through hard times. In Haiti, you also have to take into special consideration for women and girls who are more vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation in an emergency. Just being there and helping in time of need and showing that you care can impact their lives and get them through this difficult time (IOM Provides Emergency Help to Thousands of Haitians affected by Earthquake, 2021).

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