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Please refer Textbook, and see the Business Case below for the questions below:

“The Indiana Department of transport is reconstructing I-65 as a 6-lane roadway between US Highway 50 and state road 58 with renovation and carpeting of I-65 from the state road 58 to state road 46 exit at Columbus. E & B paving will enhance a travel lane between US 50 and state road 58 in two directions. Traffic will be shifted by crews to the right-wing and construct the new travel lane in the middle part. Resurfacing will be done on I-65 from state road 58 to state road 46. Precise tasks are outline, and the time they should take implementation, hence giving the whole process a time frame to be complete, i.e., 2017 to 2020. By the end of the project, the road will have six lanes, which will see traffic been eased in the area.”

Complete a scope statement similar to the Exhibit 7.4 on page 219 of the textbook.

Draft a one or two sentence scope description for this project.

Provide six (6) key deliverables that are required to consider the project to have been completed successfully. Then state what the Acceptance Criteria entails to consider these Key Deliverables completed.

The final step will to be to define and identify Exclusions, Constraints and Assumptions. First, briefly define what these concepts are and then identify these within the scope of your project.

Provide WBS structure with Activity list (see Exhibit 8.3 on Page 251 for an example). for this exercise you will identify three (3) activities that need to be completed to create the overall Key Deliverable.

Create RACI Chart for the key deliverables that provided above.

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