ne-year holding period return (HPR) for the following two investment alternatives, which investment would you prefer, assuming they are of equal risk?…

Calculate a​ one-year holding period return​ (HPR) for the following two investment​ alternatives, which investment would you​ prefer, assuming they are of equal​ risk? Explain.

The HPR for investment X is   %.

The HPR for investment Y is %

**************Investment Vehicle********************

Cash received*******X********************** Y

1st quarter********** 1.07***************** 0.00

2nd quarter********* 1.22 *****************0.00

3rd quarter***********0.00 ****************0.00

4th quarter******** **2.47 ****************1.59

Investment value

Beginning of year* 31.83************** 42.94

End of year********* 29.62************** 49.43

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