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This is an individual assignment linked to the destination that you choose for your Tourism Destination Report . (Should you work in a team, I expect to see no overlap in submissions between teammates.)

Find a news article, no older than 10 months, that addresses tourism issues, or issues that will have an impact on tourism, within your chosen destination. The paper should give a brief recap of the article (no more than a paragraph) and discuss the implications of the issue to the tourism industry within the destination. This paper should be written from a critical lens and observations/opinions should be backed with concepts discussed within the text or within class. Be sure to cite the article in APA style, reference the APA guide, located within the “Information Worth Having” module should you have questions on citing in APA format.

A sample paper is located within the Canvas Module “Assignment Details”.

Please note that while there is no page minimum, or limit, I expect there to be sufficient material that reflects college level writing and critical thinking. I will dock points for poor grammar or lack of content.

Helpful hint: One of the biggest pitfalls of students is spending too much time summarizing the article and not enough time giving their analysis of the situation. The write up should always be longer than the article summary.

Formatting: Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spacing

Below you will find a sampling of news stories that showcase the diversity of issues that relate to tourism within a destination. It is important to remember that depending on destination size (city, country, state, etc) issues could be very specific or could be regional. In your research, if you come across an article and aren’t sure if it is worth writing about, feel free to ask me!

(This is just a sample as each destination will vary in regards to issues) *Be prepared to discuss your findings in class!

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