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Assignment: Response Paragraph(s)

Resource: One self-selected scene from the second half of your novel

Assignment Length: 300 words (minimum, NOT including quoted material)

Due date: Week 3: Wednesday, July 1 by 11:55 pm

Points: 30 (Coursework category)

Format: Text submission box

Notes: You will need to have read your entire novel in order to complete in this assignment

The Assignment

Create a Reader Response double entry journal response to two different passages drawn from the second half of your novel and submit it below. Before you can create your journal entry here, you will need to have read the following items:

  • The assigned pages from Chapter 4 of Texts and Contexts on Reader Response Criticism
  • Your selected novel
  • The student sample model response journal I included on the Samples page this unit (Note that your version does not need to be two-column like the student sample: just type in your quoted textual selection first, then type in your response below it) (Note also that you are NOT required to have watched a film adaptation of your book for this version of the assignment)

Once you’re read those materials, choose 2 different short passage/moment/scene from the second half of your novel to respond to subjectively in your journal entries. Include or summarize the references you’re responding to in your Journal post, and please respond to at least two different parts of your selection. The 300-word minimum required for this assignment does not include your textual quotes: I’m looking for 300 words or more of response work from you in addition to whatever quoting and set up of source material you need to do to frame your responses. Make sure you’re subjectively responding to the work as a Reader Response critic would. Your response should adhere to the dictates of Reader Response critique that you’ve already learned from Texts and Contexts and the other Reader Response links in the unit. You are not required to respond to more than two separate passages from the second half of your novel.

Submission Guidelines

  • Write in the 1st person so as to personalize your response to the work
  • Write about yourself in connection with the work you’re responding to as it’s appropriate to contextualize a point or a response
  • Use past tense verbs ONLY when discussing your own history in relation to the text – but not the text itself which should always be discussed in present tense
  • Respond directly to textual specifics, as always

Choose a scene or moment you feel connected to in some way or that speaks to you in some manner that makes it possible for you to write about how the author depicts that story in a way that makes you feel the way you do after reading and watching the work. Talk about specific elements of the writing you think the writer has designed to elicit a specific response from you.

Again, the goals for this assignment: Describe your subjective response to the work and then use that response to help you reach evaluative conclusions about why, how and how well your author is doing his/her work – this is most important aspect of this assignment.

Link your response to the larger aims of the novel as you understand it, and to the author’s aims as a writer creating this story for us. Be thorough and comprehensive but very focused on only the specific short section(s) you’ve chosen to respond to subjectively. Write as if you are writing for someone who has not already read the work or seen its screen/stage adaptation.

Late submissions will not receive credit. Please proofread your posts carefully and repeatedly for sentence errors: Poorly proofread posts (those that include any sentence errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation) or posts that are not the required minimum length will not receive credit and cannot be resubmitted.

I recommend first typing your post into your own word processing program (Microsoft Word or similar) in order to adequately proofread and spell check it before copy/pasting it into the Journal window. This minimum 300-word Journal response assignment is worth 30 points and due by the deadline listed above.

Some Guiding Questions to Help You

  • How do you respond to this passage subjectively (emotionally, ideologically, etc.)?
  • How does your response help you make sense of the work, in turn making it more (or less) “real” and meaningful for you?
  • Do you think this is how the author wants you to respond to this moment in the story? Why?
  • How exactly does he/she construct the language, or the characterizations of people, place, time frame, tone and mood and atmosphere, to shape your response in a particular way, in each version (print and stage/screen)?
  • Why do you think the author is trying to elicit certain responses from you? How do your subjective responses to this selection serve the goals the author might have for the storytelling here, and the larger goals of the whole story?

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions