MIS 215 SNHU MOD3 Management

– Implement feedback from your instructor to refine your Milestone One and Two submissions, and use your work on those milestones to create a single detailed report on your ideas for linking data in SNHU Clothing’s systems to address the company’s business needs. You will also need to include an executive summary that uses clear communication to address business questions.

– Final Submission: Detailed Report of Information Gathering Process and Executive Summary In Module Seven, you will submit your final project. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product, including the second part of your final project, an executive summary explaining the tools you need to create reports and addressing the business questions you identified in Milestone Two. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This submission will be graded with the Final Project Rubric

– Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Data Gathering: In this section, you will describe the data that is available to you and how the data systems in the organization work together in the

context of the scenario.

A. Describe the business needs of your organization and the types of data that may be needed to address them.

B. Describe the current client systems in your organization and how they interrelate.

C. Detail how the data you need can be accessed. To do this, be sure you address the following:

i. How will you know what information is currently available?

ii. How and where is the data stored?

iii. What types of tools will you need to extract and gather the data?

iv. What is the importance of data security and integrity, and who within the business should be involved in this process?

II. Business Needs: In this section, you will determine whether your organization’s business needs can be met by the systems and system interactions you

currently have.

A. Determine the questions that need to be asked and the types of data you need to answer them.

B. Illustrate how you will link the organization’s current systems to get the data that answers these questions. You may submit this as a flowchart,

if you desire.

C. Explain gaps in data flow that cannot be addressed with the organization’s current systems.

III. Integrating Business Resources: In this section, you will determine how to produce the appropriate reports now that you have determined how to link

the systems.

A. Referring to the business needs questions, describe what types of reports you would need to produce in order to answer them.

B. Explain what type of information you might need in order to create a report linking data from various systems.

C. Discuss how you could gather the identified information and who should be involved in the process.

D. Explain the types of reporting tools that could be used to answer the business questions, and discuss the various ways that they could be used

to create reports.

IV. Reporting: In this section, you will explain what tools you need to create the reports, and you will write an executive summary that addresses the

business questions. Write an executive summary that does the following:

A. Utilizes audience-appropriate language

B. Explains processes, tools, and solutions

C. Details next steps

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Assignment Solutions


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