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Fill in the blanks. Each blank is worth three (3) points.

In the introduction of a speech, we try to do three things. Name two.

________________________ and _________________________

  1. A thesis is the entire speech in a nutshell and should be stated as a single


  1. Four general purposes were listed on the PowerPoint. Name two.

_______________________ and _________________________

  1. At least three things should be considered in selecting a topic for a speech. Name two.

_______________________ and __________________________

  1. Audience analysis includes learning the demographics of the audience. Name two things included in a group’s demographics.

_______________________ and __________________________

  1. Both introductions and conclusions use similar methods. Name two separate ways to either introduce or conclude a speech.

_______________________ and __________________________

All “illustrations” are classified as one of the following: narration, anecdote, or example. Decide which kind best describes each of the following. Each answer is worth five (5) points.

  1. The radiant beauty of Azaleas marks the height of spring. Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile is one of the best venues for viewing the splendor of the Azaleas in bloom. Acres of gardens dazzle with red and pink and violet and mixed colors of Azaleas. The beauty of spring is always fixed in my mind with the Azaleas in bloom at Bellingrath Gardens.

Answer: ______________________________

  1. Horses appeal to many people. Some appeal because of their speed, others for their gait, while still others appeal because of their beautiful coats. One horse that attracts the attention of crowds everywhere is the Clydesdale, best known for pulling the Budweiser Beer wagon in parades.

Answer: ______________________________

  1. Sir Anderson was an elderly country gentleman. When he was a student at Oxford, he and his best friend, Stephen, both fell in love with the same girl. In order to decide who should win her hand, they fought a duel with swords until first blood was drawn. Anderson won. Through the years, Stephen never forgot his humiliation. He conspired with hooligans to do harm to Sir Anderson, but without success. Sir Anderson installed in his house an electrical alarm system that gave a strong electrical shock to anyone who entered uninvited and prevented them from exiting the house. Stephen snuck into Sir Anderson’s house after receiving an invitation from Sir Anderson’s wife, the girl won in battle, who was now dying in a hospital. Stephen was held captive in the house until Sir Anderson returned. Instead of doing harm to Stephen, Sir Anderson allowed him to see his wife one last time.

Answer: _____________________________

Use the list of possible speech topics below to complete the following:

My favorite entertainer The danger of hurricanes

Deep sea fishing Chinese Food

The Academy Awards The New Orleans Saints

Restaurants in New Orleans Congress

  1. Choose one topic and write a thesis statement for an informative speech. (8 pts)


  1. Write a specific purpose statement with that same topic for a college audience. (8 pts)


  1. Using the topic and purpose described above in 1 and 2, write an introduction of 50-75 words. (16 pts)

Introduction: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________


True/False—Mark the correct answer. (20 pts)

  1. True/False. Public Speaking is completely different from conversation.
  1. True or False. A speaker can help an audience listen and retain his message through planned redundancy
  1. True or False. The credibility of a speaker is established at the beginning of a speech and does not change.
  1. True or False. First Amendment rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court have removed all restrictions on free speech.
  1. True or False. Respect for your audience means you will do your best to present factual, well-documented information
  1. True or False. The specific purpose of a speech and the central idea statement of a speech are the same thing.
  1. True/False. Wikipedia is a popular website that contains general information about a topic but is not suitable for serious, college-level research.
  1. True/False. Rapport is helpful in everyday conversation but not in public speaking.
  1. True/False. One of the biggest differences between oral and written communication is the necessity of using repetition in oral communication.
  1. True/False. The clincher is a strong way to conclude a speech like the attention-getter is a strong way to begin a speech.

Extra Credit

List the ten steps in the speech-making process. List all ten and you will earn 3 extra points. If you list them in correct sequential order, you will earn five (5) bonus points.

1.______________________________ 6.______________________________

2.______________________________ 7.______________________________

3.______________________________ 8.______________________________

4.______________________________ 9.______________________________

5.______________________________ 10.______________________________

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