Memo on still Alice

Help me study for my Literature class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Assuming the paper you helped with “still Alice” was a first draft, which it isn’t lol.

Can you write a memo about it?

Memo Requirements

Each student will write brief memo of guidance with the work they would like me to review. The memo page requires writers to take thoughtful inventory of their work. It needs to have two parts: a context paragraph and a series of questions.

In the context paragraph, writers give a brief report about where they are with their draft — what they’ve done so far, what they haven’t done yet, what they’re unhappy with, etc. The questions are requests for specific kinds of feedback: Are my paragraphs too long? Do you think the third example is strong enough? Do I need to write a conclusion? Students will pose no more than four questions using the guidance below.

Getting useful feedback requires you to reflect upon your work and frame your request for guidance. This requires you to compose effective questions. For instance, rather than asking “Does my writing flow?” you should identify a specific area or issue in the paper that could use my attention: “I am struggling with the transition from my personal experience with patient/ provider miscommunication (paragraph 2) to research on the topic (paragraph 3). How could I make this connection better?” Thus, devising your questions is not composing a laundry list. It involves thoughtfulness and critical thinking.

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