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A list of StatCrunch directions is provided at the bottom of this text-box.


Recall the following example: The average gestation period, or time of pregnancy, of an animal is closely related to its longevity—the length of its lifespan. Data on the average gestation period and longevity (in captivity) of 40 different species of animals have been recorded.

For the StatCrunch problem, you will analyze data for 40 species of animals in captivity.


animal: the name of the animal species
gestation: the average gestation period of the species, in days
longevity: the average longevity of the species, in years

The explanatory variable is average lifespan (longevity.) The response variable is length of pregnancy (average gestation period.)


Download the animals (Links to an external site.) datafile. Then upload the datafile in StatCrunch. If you need a reminder about how to do this, review the list of StatCrunch directions below.


In the first question you will produce a scatterplot in StatCrunch (with longevity as the explanatory variable and gestation as the response variable) and then use StatCrunch to calculate the correlation coefficient.

List of StatCrunch Directions

Here is a PDF document with all StatCrunch directions (Links to an external site.).

Question 1Not yet graded / 10 pts

These directions assume you have downloaded the animals datafile and uploaded it in StatCrunch. If you have not, please see the Data section above.

  1. Use StatCrunch to create a scatterplot with longevity as the explanatory variable and gestationas the response variable. (directions)

    Download the StatCrunch output window (your scatterplot) and upload it to your Stats-Classfolder in Canvas.

    Embed the .png file for your scatterplot in the text-box below.

  2. Use StatCrunch to produce the correlation coefficient. (directions)
    Copy the Correlation “text” output and paste it in the text-box below. (directions)

Correlation between gestation and longevity is: 0.66323967

Statcrunch scatterplot output window

Correlation between gestation and longevity is:

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Assignment Solutions


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