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Goal: This paper assignment is designed to help you understand different cognitive choice models you may use to make a high-effort decision. Be sure to connect your discussion to the course material, as always. See Ch. 8. This fulfills one of the course learning objectives, i.e., better understanding yourself as a consumer (SLO5).

Instructions: There are few high-effort decisions that incorporate both thinkingand feelingas completely as the purchase of a diamond engagement ring. Typically these buying decisions are made by either a nervous young man or by a lovestruck young couple. The purchase comprises a substantial financial commitment at a time when emotions run high. Browse some jewelrywebsites(e.g., Kay, Shane Co., Tacori, and Zales) and address the following questions in your paper:

1.If you were in the market to buy an engagement ring, which cognitive choice model(s)are you more likely to use? Explain how the models work in your case. Hint: you need to discuss at leastthree different brands and fourdifferent attributes. See the class exercise on choosing an apartmentfor an example. Draw a table to show your numerical evaluations(e.g., 4 out of 5).

2.What marketing techniques dothese websites use to influence yourthought-based decisions(i.e., cognitive choice) and feeling-based decisionsconcerning the purchase of an engagement ring? Be specific.

500-600wordsGrading Criteria: 1.Comprehension of the relevant course materials(5 pts). 2.Adequacy in addressing the assignment(5 pts). 3.Presentation of your paper. The same as in Instructions for Individual Paper#1: Your writing should be clear, well-composed, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. It should also meet the following format requirements(5 points).1)Create a title for your paper. Individual paper #3is NOT acceptable. 2)No need to provide a title page.3)Use double-spacing, 12-point font.4)Include bibliography or references. 5)Use APA (American Psychological Association) writing style:

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