Market Product Focus and Goal

Market product focus & goal setting

Hey, This is the sample papers. (Prof Heisleys Market Analysis and Marketing Plan Guide.docx). and make it match our project, and write 2 pages about Market product focus & goal settings.

And this is our project (Client List BUS 491CS)

When you open the sample papers, you will see the (3. Market-product grid and growth strategy, Value Proposition, B. Positioning Strategy, C. Set Market and Product Goals. ) And make it match to our project.

YOU have to focus on Market-product grid and growth strategy, Value Proposition, Positioning Strategy, Set Market and Product Goals.

This is my part, please make a match to our project write 2.5 pages.

Market-product grid and growth strategy: Provide a market-product grid for the industry. There are two forms this can take and you should do both unless they are so similar that one works. The first kind is Ansoff’s (1957 HBR) diversification grid with the four quadrants of the old/new and product/market (e.g. penetration, diversification, etc.) The second kind lists all products (or product categories) and all markets and indicates which product/market cells the company will focus on. Where is the client currently on the grid(s)? Which growth strategy do you recommend and why (market penetration, product development, market development, or diversification). Justify the recommendation based on such considerations as the current marketing situation, client’s resources, stage in the product life cycle, etc.

4. Value Proposition: Provide a clear and simple statement of your recommendation for the target market(s), the benefits of the offering(s), and the strategic (not specific) price (review value proposition lecture). Relate your recommendation to Porter’s three generic business strategies.

B. Positioning Strategy: The positioning strategy captures how you want target consumers to view the client’s offering(s) relative to the competition on benefits that are important to the target(s). It locates the value proposition within the competitive environment and communicates recommended points of difference. The positioning strategy should differentiate the product/service so as to “own” a clear, distinctive, and desirable place in the minds of target customers. Provide two positioning or perceptual maps that communicate your strategy.

C. Set Market and Product Goals: Based upon the situation analysis and segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy, recommend specific and realistic marketing objectives (goals) for the client. Most businesses pursue several objectives simultaneously, including profitability goals, sales growth goals, market expansion, market share improvement, risk containment, technological or service leadership, etc. Objectives should be:

2.5 pages

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