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must select a topic from their field that interests them. But, remember it must be researchable. Then, you must complete one of the exercises below and respond back to this post with 1 paragraph explaining what happened. What were the challenges of the exercise? What went well? What did completing the exercise make you think about in terms of using your idea of interest for an actual research project?

  • Discussed your research interest with a member of your family. What were the challenges and opportunities of explaining what you are interested in? What questions did they ask you?
  • Try to explain what you’re engaged in at school (research ideas, topics, etc.) with someone either in grade school or middle school. What were the challenges and opportunities in explaining your work with this age group? What can we learn from this exercise and communicating our research ideas?
  • Go to the magazine section of a mainstream bookstore and I challenge you to find a connection between your research interest and some of the latest articles? Are there errors in reasoning that may need empirical research in order to empirically understand the ideas put forth?
  • Played devil’s advocate with yourself and try to come up with at least three questions that others might ask you about your research topic. For example, you are passionate about the topic, but someone else might say, “who cares.” Why should they care?
  • Actively seek out people who differ in their perspective or approach to your ideas. Have a conversation and report back as to how the conversation helped develop your research interest, expand your interest or cause you to consider a perspective you hadn’t thought of.

For example:

My field of interest is psychology, so the particular topic that interested me was the diagnosis is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). After discussing this topic with my parents, I found that there were no challenges to talking to them about the subject because I have been diagnosed with anxiety and told that I have multiple characteristics of OCD, but have never been diagnosed. Since my parents know of my diagnosis and I have lived with them my entire life, none of the information was seen as odd by them. If anything, explaining the topic gave me the opportunity to discuss OCD characteristics more and show them the OCD things that I do. It also gave me the opportunity to explain to them this is part of the reason why I am going into the psychological field, which is to help those who are going through what I have been through and deal with. My parents did not ask me many questions since they know I love learning about diagnoses and have such a passion for psychology. However, they did ask what OCD was like for me and how it may differ from others. They also asked what could be done to help challenge these compulsive thoughts and actions. These questions gave me a good basis for research that I could do to further investigate my topic of interest. Completing this exercise made me think about the different routes I could take if I did end up using this topic for a research project. I could look at the different ways people are affected, I could look into the symptoms, I could look into the other common diagnoses that usually accompany OCD.

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