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Your final essay examination will be a comprehensive overview of elements from the entire term. The examination will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of concepts and issues and to engage in critical thinking. The Final Essay Examination is due by the end of Module 8. This activity aligns with Module Outcomes 1 and 2.

Your final essay exam will consist of five (5) essay questions that are based on the material you covered in the course. Each essay answer should consist of at least 500 words and should be written in APA format.

Please choose 5 of the below questions and answer them:

1. Please explain how social media has the potential to blur communication boundaries. After you explain this, please offer anecdotal examples from your own experiences to help illuminate this issue.

2. Please explain some specific innovative social-media strategies that organizations and businesses can employ in order to better engage consumers and the public. Within this, please also explain some advantages that social media has over traditional forms of marketing and communication.

3. Please explain how the “Attention Economy” helps us to understand the challenges facing contemporary advertising and marketing. Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of the attention economy, and it should be supported by examples.

4. Please explain the differences between product integration and product placement. Use examples to support your explanation. Also: Please explain how the contemporary communication and media landscape makes these innovative strategies so necessary. Your answer should offer several characteristics of the contemporary landscape to support this answer.

5. Please explain how innovative communication technologies have transformed news. How are new organizations using these contemporary media platforms? How are news audiences using these platforms? How have innovative platforms changed the relationship between news organizations and the public?

6. Please take one of the below key concepts and apply it to news media, explaining as thoroughly as possible how it helps us to understand journalism in this age of digital innovation:

The key concepts:

  • News media affect and reflect society
  • U.S. news media are profit-centered
  • News media are always at the cutting edge of technology
  • Few people share identical news media environments
  • An old medium never dies

7. Please explain copyright and fair use and explain how discussions of them relate to the Internet – particularly in terms of potential pitfalls and litigation. How has the very nature of the Internet exacerbated debates over copyright. Use specific examples to support your answer.

8. Please explain your opinion regarding the ethical implications of “mass digitization” (as explained in the module 8 article on that subject) and “What’s a Fair Share in the Age of Google?” Are people such as writers, journalists, and publishers being essentially ripped off because of a cavalier attitude toward copyright? What are the ethical implications for organizations and businesses? Please explain your position and support it as thoroughly as possible.

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