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Identify a campus-community partnership to sustain SERVICE-LEARNING as part of the College of Health Sciences by addressing the following:
1. In selecting your community partner, use the benchmarks on page 53 to justify the community partner and how the relationship will be established/maintained.
2. What type of SERVICE-LEARNING partnership will be established? Why?
3. What logistical issues exist with the partner and how will you address them?
4. What infrastructure model will you use and why?
5. Will you include corporate partners? Why or why not?
6. Is this partnership transactional or transformational? Why?

Chapter 4 (Integrating Service-Learning into the Curriculum) Discussion Quest

1. Has service learning or other type of service been included as a part of any other course you have taken at CSU? Elsewhere? What course(s) and how was it incorporated as part of the course? How did the instructor manage the service component?
2. Think about courses you have taken already at CSU or elsewhere. For which courses would SERVICE-LEARNING benefit the course? How would you incorporate SERVICE-LEARNING and why do you think it would improve the course? Enhance learning outcomes?
3. Pick one course you would recommend adding a SERVICE-LEARNING component. Using content in 4.4, determine as a group how you would add the component to the course and why. How would you recommend assessing student outcomes for the SERVICE-LEARNING component FORUM

As surely as we all were born, we will also die. This is the cycle of life and death is a part of that cycle. It is not an easy part of our journey, but it is a part of the process. Many of you may have experienced death: of a loved one, of a pet, of someone unknown to us but who none-the less touched our life in some way. Perhaps, one of the most difficult deaths to face is our own. There is nothing to really prepare one for it, but when one is faced with the imminence of their own death: after the denial, the bargaining, the anger- there is finally acceptance. The following video is of a professor at Carnegie Mellon who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He came up with what was termed the ‘last lecture” to discuss lessons he gained from life. This is an excerpt:

After reviewing this video discuss how it made you feel? Finally, if you knew the approximate time of your death what life lessons would you want to share with others? Why?

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