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In this assignment I need you to do a PowerPoint on Participative Leadership. At the bottom I will leave a passage that will help you with the PowerPoint
Assignment: Students will be working independently to complete an indepth research analysis of a wellknown leadership theory. Students will be responsible for presenting their research to the class. You have previously selected your theory of choice; please do not change from your original submission.

Assignment Instructions: Students will select a wellknown leadership theory. Individually you will be expected to research your chosen theory thoroughly so you can present your research to your classmates. Some specific areas for each theory that should be touched on is the origination of the theory, characteristics of the theory, best practices for the theory, and any other pertinent information that that group finds of interest related to the theory. Each presentation is expected to beat least 57minutes. Your presentation will be uploaded to Canvas as a YouTube link. I primarily want to see you presenting on your topic but feel free to use a PowerPoint or similar in the background to help keep you on task with your presentation if needed. One of my personal petpeeves is being read to. You are to have thoroughly researched your topic and be fluent enough on the material to not feel the need to read it word for word from notes or a PowerPoint. Make sure you speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard on your video.

For full assignment details and grading rubric, please review the PDF for this assignment located within the weekly module.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions