Labour and Education — Assignment 1

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Part 1(Due in 4 days)

Reflection on Education & Work – Reader Response

  • Submit a short reader response to one of the texts that you will use in your reflection.
  • Select one of the works we have read in class (if it’s Learning to Labour, you may select one section of the book, preferably a section that you did not present on in Week 6).
  • Summarize the work, or one section of the work (you may focus on one particular idea).
  • Then, explain how this text extends or challenges your view of education and work. Did this text help you to see things differently? Do you agree or disagree or perhaps partially agree with the text? Why?
  • Length: 1-1.5 pages, or about 300-400 words, double spaced.

Part 2 (due in 15 days)

Reflection on Education & Labour

  • The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about your own experiences of education and work, or the system of education and work in Canada (or in another country that you have a direct experience with), using concepts from the course.
  • You will write about your own educational and work experiences and use these experiences to test course ideas. For example: Do you see education as social reproduction reflected in your own experiences? Why or why not? Does it make sense to think about your education as “human capital”? Why or why not?

Assignment Guidelines for part 2

    1. Draw from your own experiences to reflect on issues of meritocracy, social mobility and equality in education and work. You may write about your own personal history or the system that you grew up in (or both). You may also talk about your current or expected future work experiences. How do you think your educational background will determine your employment path?
    2. Use your experiences to critically examine ideas from the course, such as social reproduction, cultural capital, social capital, etc.). Some questions to think about: Which ideas make the most sense? Are there some concepts that you might modify based on your personal experience? What are the prevailing ideologies that you see operating in the current system?
    3. Give examples from one or more course texts where these core concepts are discussed – summarize the ideas from the texts before applying them to your particular situation.
    4. Assignment length – 6 pages, double spaced (approx. 1500 words). You should engage with and cite at least 2 course texts. Please use proper citation practices (APA is preferred, but you may use another format if you are more comfortable).

Please use simple sentence structure and words as possible and i don’t want a sentence to be 4,5 lines long.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions