Jack and Jill have decided to get married. They choose a winery in the foothills near Jackson, CA in Amador County.

Jack and Jill have decided to get married. They choose a winery in the foothills near Jackson, CA in Amador County. As would be expected, both the bride and groom have their families sitting in the front row at the service. For fun, they have decided that Jill (an experienced rider) will ride a pony down a short hill through the audience and meet Jack at a gazebo set up at the bottom of the hill. Jack and Jill buy the gazebo from Costco and intend on keeping it for their yard after the ceremony. She’ll jump off the horse into his arms and then get married. The pony is provided by an outside ranch called “Rodeo Rescue.” The winery agrees to the plan.

All goes well during the procession until the bride arrives. While riding through the crowd, someone’s cell phone goes off and the horse spooks. Jill hangs on while it bucks and gallops toward Jack. At the last second the horse swerves to avoid the gazebo and Jill flies off. She lands under the gazebo, narrowly missing both the minister and the groom. The vibration from her fall causes the gazebo to collapse and it lands on Jack, Jill and the minister.

The best man, John’s first cousin, and the maid of honor, Jill’s sister, see the incident and are upset. The guests at the wedding, including both sets of parents of Jack and Jill are also upset. Multiple lawsuits ensue.

Who should sue? Who are the defendants? Set forth the parties? What causes of action should be alleged in the Complaint and by whom? What must be proved regarding the reasons for each potential claim in the suit? What types of damages can be recovered, if any? Argue all sides of each issue.

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