IPSY 8005 Walden University C

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper (not including references) that addresses the following:

  • Identify the organization that you selected in Module 1 (The Coca Cola Company). Given the recommendation that you made in Week 2 (week 2 attached) about the organization’s strategy and the information you found about the organization’s products and/or services, respond to the following:
    • Describe one product or service that should be eliminated from the portfolio, and explain your reasoning.
    • Describe one new product or service that should be added to the portfolio, and explain your reasoning.
  • Using the product portfolio management models discussed in the readings, describe two steps that are most important to the successful development and implementation of the new product or service that you described, and explain why.
  • Describe the inputs and outputs of the new product or service. Then, explain how the inputs and outputs of products are different than the inputs and outputs of services.
  • Describe one strategy you would recommend for managing the quality of the new product or service, and explain why.


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