Introduction to ASD Unit 4 Journal

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Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. This week, you will have a Journal Assignment that asks you to address the content for the unit. Your reflection and writing will help with your understanding of the content covered.

Environmental and Visual Supports

This week, you have discussed some of the importance of providing environmental and visual supports to children with ASD. Please think about the various readings and activities that you have engaged in during this unit.

In at least 250 words, please respond to the following:

  • Summarize three main points that you learned this week and describe how you might apply this learning to your personal and professional life.
  • Thinking about what you learned about visual and environmental supports in learning for children with autism spectrum disorder, reflect on challenges you might face in implementing supports in the learning environment. How might you mitigate and overcome these potential challenges?

Reading and Resources


Please review the Purdue Global Library resources below, which will provide you with some helpful information regarding intentional design in learning spaces as well as practical interventions and strategies for inclusion.

Dillon, R. (2018). Room for improvement. Educational Leadership, 76(1), 40–45. Retrieved from…

Shelton, T. (2016). Practical strategies for supporting young learners with autism spectrum disorder. Lewisville, NC: Gryphon House. Retrieved from…

  • Please read Chapter 2: “ASD in the Classroom: Effective Inclusion”

Web Resources

The readings this week will provide you with some helpful information regarding ways to modify the environment for children with ASD. These resources include practical guidelines for parents and caregivers to ensure a safe home environment and ways to structure a classroom to teach students with autism spectrum disorder effectively.

Autism Society. (n.d.). Safety in the home. Retrieved from…

TEACCH Autism Program. (n.d.). Structured teaching by TEACCH staff. Retrieved from…

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Assignment Solutions