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Pick one information source from the following list and read and or listen to it (as much as possible before you post), you will use what you learn to answer the following question:

1. Houston Public Radio (88.7 FM or ; a particularly good choice if you drive a lot)

2. The Wall Street Journal – (several articles are behind a paywall, but a good option if you already have a subscription; may also be available at your local library).

3. BBC news (this is a free site)

4. The New York Times (may also be available at your local library – You may also gain access to the NYT via Factiva – you can also obtain a FREE account by signing in with your Google Account)

Discussion Question: Identify at least one event this week that has the potential to influence business.

* Provide a short summary of what the event is and how it can impact companies at the local, domestic or international levels (provide a link to the article or story, even if you initially learned about the story by hearing it on the radio). (Consisting of at least 5-7 sentences, so that readers have a good sense of the story)

* How does the business news article impact business? (Another (5-7 sentences))

Here are some brief examples of the kind of news events you can look for (from the recent time period):

1. HPD Shootings Under Increased Scrutiny Amid Nationwide Calls For Police Reform:

2. BREXIT is a Test of De-Globalization In A World of COVID:


3. BBC – EU to ALLOW visitors from 14 “Safe” Countries (the U.S. is not included):

4. NYT – Why Advertisers Are Boycotting Facebook

* What do you think of the news article (at least 5-7 sentences)?

Remember that you need to (1) discuss what happened, (2) how it can impact business, and (3) what you think of it.

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