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Task 8

Task 8 Developing, Marketing, Launching, and Managing International Production

Investigate Developing and Marketing

  1. Work through the tutorial on International Marketing Fundamentals
                          1. Importance of International Marketing
                          2. Strategic Considerations
                          3. Assessing Markets Outside Home Country
                          4. Market Development and Product Development Decisions
                          5. Options for Global Expansion
                          6. Resources
                          7. Marketing Mix
                        1. Read Chapter 14 in ebook on Marketing and Developing Products.
                        2. What is the Marketing Communication Process and why is this critical to consider if you are going global?
                        3. Complete the tutorial Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Product Internationally

Learn about Designing Distribution Channels and Launching a Product/service

  1. How did FedEx do it? Watch
  2. Or how about Starbucks? Watch
  3. Read Chapter 14 section 3 on designing distribution channels
  4. Watch video Designing Distribution Channels
  5. Watch
  6. Read Chapter 15 in ebook on Production Strategy – production and facilities planning; production concerns; shipping and inventory cost

Learn more about managing the global business. Read and analyze:

  1. Managers Brief Case in Chapter 14 – Managing an International Sales Force. What are the barriers, risks, and hurdles? What is the manager’s role? What specific leadership strategies will help?
  2. Managers Brief Case in Chapter 15 – What are World Class Standards? Can they be applied to all products and services on the international market? What if other countries don’t do the same? What is the leader’s role?

Locate a company that went global besides Starbucks and FedEx. Trace their development, marketing, product distribution, and management of the global enterprise. Find specific information that shows the process and strategies. Make an infographic to show the process.

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