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“What’s new in IT”  news discussion blog – 1 

you will explore the current environment of IT. The idea is to explore intellectual themes from the course. One way is to scan periodicals such as e-Week, InformationWeek, CIO, Computer World, Baseline, IT World, Wall Street Journal, New York Times etc. and report to class on interesting developments that can affect business. Make an attempt to select an article that promises to give a company a competitive advantage. This exercise is intended to help you build the habit of constantly scanning your business environment for new information that can have strategic impact. Another way is to write on a theme from the lecture in class or assigned reading for this period.

the first comment

In a recent digital keynote, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg debuted Facebook’s new company name ‘Meta’ and expanded the future of the company. The name comes from Facebook’s interest in the ‘metaverse’ a futuristic iteration of a virtual universe made up of various 3D spaces all shared internally. This company rebrand comes weeks after public scrutiny of Facebook including leaked documents from a whistleblower and data revealed about the apps effect on the mental health of it’s users. Zuckerberg notes that the metaverse has just as much potential as the social media platform did when it formed. The presentation also included concept videos that envisioned what the meta-verse would be like for its users. A slight update to the Messenger app was also announced that implements VR technology and gives users an opportunity to operate a virtual marketplace. Zuckerberg seems optimistic about this innovation, predicting its mainstream success with the next five to ten years.

This announcement by Facebook is no surprise as this new technology is becoming more apparent in everyday life. I also believe this a positive direction for Facebook following the recent events that have not been so great for the company. However, a lot of questions will need to be answered mainly concerning the security of the platform and its users. This is an issue that Facebook is already dealing with so it will be interesting to see how they handle it. Facebooks approach to the metaverse is the first of its kind and gives them an advantage on presenting this technology to its billion plus users. If this is done right, it could catapult the company into even more success and benefit its stockholders.

second comment

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004. In 2002, it was opened to everyone thirteen and over with a valid email address. Facebook emerged as a big name and is still one of the top social media sites in the world. The site is used for sharing posts, photos, all while connecting with family and friends. Throughout the years, many new features have been added to Facebook such as marketplace and even dating. Facebook has truly a one stop shop for connecting with everybody while playing games and keeping up with the latest trends.

Recently, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be renaming itself to “Meta”. By changing its name, Zuckerberg is hoping to rebrand the site by reflecting the company’s focus of building a metaverse. A metaverse is a virtual world where people can work, play, and connect with friends and family. Mark decided to rename Facebook “Meta” because it means that there is always more beyond what is currently there. Within the metaverse, there will avatars that you can create. This brings the current site, Facebook to more of a virtual reality feel. This is a big leap for Facebook because it has never done anything regarding virtual reality however Zuckerberg believes there is always more to be discovered and implemented.

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