i need you to write one-page report, memo, and raw data with citations.

I’m stuck on a Communications question and need an explanation.

i need you to write two different things:

1- Visual Report

A short, informative, visually interesting report that makes a point about your subject using the data in your data set.

This report should incorporate three visuals that you have created along with a discussion/analysis of the data in your figures.

The text in your report should:

o introduce the topic and its importance,

o explain the meaning of the visuals,

o and point to the conclusions suggested by the data

You should think through and identify a clear audience. Your understanding of the

audience informs how the data is presented, the form the visualizations take, and the

point you use the data to make, as well as the overall purpose of the document.

https://nces.ed.gov/datapoints/2018164.asp (example 1)

and i attached another example in the attachments.

2- Reflective Analysis Memo

A short 250 to 500 word memo that explains the following (use headings to identify each of the topics listed below):

o How and why you selected your data set

o How you selected which data to visualize and why you visualized it in the form you did

o Who was your target audience and what was your overall goal/purpose

o How you ensured that your visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear

o The raw data set used to create the report (with a citation for the data)

you can find the guideline and the data in the attachment.

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