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Upload a 20-page paper (including cover page and sources) in APA style to Canvas. Be sure to list the individual and the organization they represent. Cite at least five of the readings from the textbook and course. You can use someone or just your imagination.

Paper Assignment: Interview a senior leader of either a public, nonprofit, or community organization and ask them to identify at least one ethical issue they know about or have witnessed in an organization. Specifically, ask them to (1) describe the ethical issue, (2) their thinking or approach to the issue they described, (3) in that situation what did they themselves do, or what did they observe was done about the ethical issue they described (4) what would they as a leader recommend for the creation of an ethical climate in their or in any organization they described (“best practices”).

Your paper should include the following sections: a) a brief introduction to the purpose of ethical guidelines; b) a discussion of the basic ethical theories; c) a discussion of models of decision making (from the readings and interview); d) recommendations for best practices (from the readings and interview) and e) a paragraph about what you have learned about ethical styles and how you think about the professional you interviewed AND yours? Finally, f) In what ways has your perspective concerning ethics changed since you began this course?

Include at least 2 additional, relevant journal articles to cite in this paper (not read in the course materials).

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