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dentifying Stakeholders for a New Community Initiative

This is a 750–1000 word narrative in which you are to identify stakeholders in a community social problem with the community identified in the assignment in Unit 2, the community social problem identified in the discussion in Unit 5, and you as a human service leader from the organization in the assignment in Unit 4.

As a human services leader, you are being asked to lead a new initiative. The new initiative will be an interagency collaboration of a task force to address a current community social problem. While individuals will be filling positions to serve on the task force, first you need to identify the stakeholders who have a personal or professional interest in the social problem and how to address it. Utilizing your knowledge of your community context of practice (from the assignment in Unit 2), identify stakeholders and support your choices with literature and theory.

I will attach the paper from Unit 2 and 4 and the discussion from Unit 5 is right here :

The challenge of homelessness is one that continues to bedevil the community and the people living in it. Many reasons push people to homelessness ranging from tough economic times, abusive home environments, drug abuse, veteran issues, and patients released from care and so forth (Geraghty, 2018). While it’s easy to assume that homeless people find themselves in these tough times as a result of their doing, some are pushed into the predicament by factors out of their control.

As an agency that seeks to assist members of the community, this is one of the issues that we will attempt to address. The mission of the organization and its objectives is to provide a helping hand to the community and empower the people to better their lives. However, even as we seek to address this issue, community collaboration is necessary to offer the right support and meets the needs effectively.

Geraghty, L. (2018). How do people become homeless? The reasons are myriad and diverse. Retrieved from

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