Human Computer Interface – Usability

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Identify a real-world need you – or people you know – observed that can be addressed through the creation of a software system such as a website or a mobile application.

Write a brief description of the need you identified and how it can be solved through a software system. Justify your proposed solution. Now imagine that you are tasked with designing the website or mobile application for high usability. Define measurable usability requirements for the new application. Give a short justification of your choices (You do not need to design the application).

Your answer should include:

  • (Weight: 20%) The usability factors that are important to the site or mobile app.
  • (Weight: 20%) The measurable usability requirements. (Justify why you chose a certain way for measuring the requirements, and also other details such as numbers, etc.Choose a website that you – or people you know – find a bit hard to use.Here are suggestions (you cannot choose either of them)

Now, carry out both a usability test and heuristic evaluation for the website you chose. Remember to use a structured format.

Your answer should include:

Usability test:

  • (Weight: 10%) Description of the user tasks (two tasks is enough).
  • (Weight: 5%) Profile of the test user, in particular, how much IT knowledge the user has (one user is enough, but it is preferable to choose a non-IT person).
  • (Weight: 15%) A list of the problems you found. Classify the problems according to severity (e.g. task failure, cumbersome, etc.)

Heuristic Evaluation:

  • (Weight: 30%) A heuristic evaluation using the 10 heuristic principals for HCI. In this case, you are acting as a usability exper

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Assignment Solutions