How to write an annotated bibliography including at least six sources?

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Assignment Prompt

Write an annotated bibliography including at least six sources. An annotation is a summary or an evaluation, and a bibliography is a list of sources (in MLA style, we call this a “Works Cited” page). A bibliography includes as much bibliographic information as possible (the author, title, publisher, etc.).

The annotated bibliography is an excellent tool to help you find more information on your research topic and to begin organizing that information. This assignment will not look like any of your other essays. There is a certain format you should follow (see the examples on the Annotated Bibliographies handout and the sample student bibliography), as well as certain information that should be included in each entry.

All bibliographic information must be written in proper MLA format. Entries should be alphabetized by author.

You must have a minimum of six sources for this assignment. These six sources are the sources you will use for the rest of the semester to write your research paper. You are welcome to include the two sources you evaluated and analyzed for the first two essays; if you do this, then you will need to locate and include four new sources to meet the six source requirement. You are strongly encouraged to locate at least three of the six sources through Alabama Virtual Library (AVL). At least one of the sources must be from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. Beyond meeting the required number of sources, each annotation should include a portion that summarizes, assesses, and reflects on the source.

Think of these annotations as short, clear, and concise source evaluations. Summarize the author’s main idea(s), assess how each author makes his or her argument, and reflect on how you could use the source in your own research. Each section should be 1-2 sentences long.

The goal for this assignment is to help you work towards the final research project. Annotated bibliographies are a great way to keep research organized and keep track of the purpose of each individual source.

Annotated Bibliography Checklist:


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