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Select six questions–three from each group. These questions cover the reading material of the assigned chapter/s. You must substantially address each selected question in a minimum of 250-300 words. Substantial means that you use the evidence presented in the chapter reading (do NOT cut and paste) and demonstrate that you have thought through the question and reflect that thought in your response.

Preview the sample responses.

Clearly identify at the top of the response which question you are addressing.

No late work will be accepted. All submissions must include reference citations to be considered for grading purposes.

Reflection Questions:

Group A:

Describe the balance of power between the United States, Plains Indian tribes, and the Spanish between 1803 and 1815.

How did the westward expansion of the United States revive and exacerbate conflicts over slavery?

In what ways did printed materials influence the creation of “American” culture from the 1790s to the 1820s? How did print culture affect different groups in different ways?

In what ways did the Monroe Doctrine indicate that the United States aspired to a new status in the world?

Group B:

How did the adoption and expansion of the market economy affect rural and urban areas differently? Why?

Where and for what reasons did Jacksonian Democrats and their opponents agree and disagree about internal improvements?

How did the transformation to a market economy increase tensions between equality and inequality in the US?

How did the market changes in the US after 1789 continue economic developments that had begun during the colonial period?

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Assignment Solutions