High Performance Team, MOL7500- Full developed essays

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This paper will be comprised of 3 sections, each full developed essays – this would require at least three paragraphs, but I also request that you not exceed 5 paragraphs for each essay. You will submit a single Word document containing all three sections – however, make sure that you clearly mark each section with a subtitle. Submit your paper here. Make sure that your paper is double-spaced using a 12 point font Times New Roman.

For each essay, please ensure that you have formulated a thesis statement that addresses the overall question of the writing prompts. Supporting paragraphs should have solid details that include examples that demonstrate your thesis. Research on the topic beyond what the text and included reading materials provide is expected to add to your thoughts on these topics.

Please include references used following each section rather than at the conclusion of the paper. All answers should not be limited to just addressing the writing prompts; your essays should include your personal reflections on the material. Full credit requires me to be able to identify and understand what your personal and/or professional takeaways are from this material.

Section 1: In the Emotional Intelligence readings, there is a discussion regarding the Neurology of Motivation. Included is a discussion relative to the motivational competencies that typify outstanding performers: achievement drive, commitment, as well as initiative and optimism. Additionally, there were several videos and articles provided in the Week 7 Readings and Resources that are related to building high performance.

How does all of this (Goleman’s ARTICLES on these topics, the videos, and the articles) connect to the objective for this course which was to learn how to build high performing teams?

To fully answer, include a discussion of the following:

  1. A summary of the areas discussed IN CLASS, ASSIGNED READINGS AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL READINGS and the bottom line as to why you believe or don’t believe that they are critical to high performing teams
  2. What were the key takeaways for you from each of the resources related to the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS ? How do they connect back to the drivers of high performance discussed in class?
  3. How would a leader implement processes that generate high performance through all of these principles?

Section 2: In today’s business environment, what opportunities and/or risks do believe are related to team diversity?

Using the videos that have been provided in the Reading & Resources page along with in class presentations and exercises your task is to address how you as a leader can best leverage diversity as well as protect your team from potential threats that it brings as well. To fully answer, include a discussion of the following:

  1. Diversity & its relationship to innovation
  2. Diversity & its relationship to conflict management
  3. Diversity & its relationship to high performance

Section 3: Under the Week 6 and 7 Resources reference page, is a reference point for analysis of your team experience. For this final section, you need to discuss these ideas in relation to your experiences with your team in this course. If you have any other face to face team experience, the inclusion of your perspective in light of those collaborations are additionally valuable as supplemental supporting points. The strategies are very interrelated in someways, and I realize that. Your task is to discuss all the strategies in your reflection of the last six weeks of working as a team.

In light of your experience over the last six weeks of working in a team, in what order would you rate these strategies as to their importance to achieving success and why (provide specific examples from your experience)? How will you use these strategies in the future in your leadership journey? If you decide that you would not use one or all of the strategies, please explain your reasoning(s).

These are Readings and Resources










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