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CD 131 N. Hernandez Assignment #1 Moral Dilemma Vignette Instructions for Part I: 1. Read the ethical dilemmas below. a. Dilemma 1 You came from India when you were 12 and are fully bilingual and biliterate in English and in your home language. You have just gotten a new girl in your classroom, Madhu whose family speaks the same dialect that you do. Madhu has no understanding of English so you have been speaking to her in her home language so she will feel comfortable and understood in the classroom. Her parents have requested that you speak to her only in English because they want her to learn the language of this country. You are uncomfortable with this because you know that research shows that children who can’t understand their environment feel powerless and that their adjustment to the new setting is more difficult. You have asked her mother to meet with you so you can discuss this situation with her. b. Dilemma 2 You have been caring for four year old Jamie for the past six months. While Jamie is a great kid, when things don’t go his way he gets really angry. He throws things and can be destructive. It’s getting to the point that you feel like you ignoring the other children while trying to handle Jamie. You have been trying to be consistent in your discipline of Jamie, but you’re starting to wonder if you should ask his parents to find another childcare setting for him. 2. Answer the following questions for each of the dilemmas. a. When you read the dilemma, what was your first thought? b. What do you think is the main concern, issue or problem in each scenario? c. If you were the caregiver in each situation, what would you do? d. How do you think the parents would react to your solution? e. Did you consider the parents point of view? Why or why not? 3. When you have finished this portion of the assignment, please scroll down and complete part II. DO NOT READ PART II UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED PART 1. CD 131 N. Hernandez Instructions for Part II: 4. Read the parent’s perspectives to the scenarios in part 1. a. Dilemma 1 You and your family are new to the United States and are here without the extended family that you had in India. Your husband insists that you put your 2- year-old daughter Madhu in a program with other children so she can learn English. He feels that it is essential to her success in this country to become fluent in English. However, in the classroom Madhu’s teacher is also from India and she speaks the same dialect as your family. She insists on speaking to Madhu in her home language even though you have asked her to speak to her only in English. You are trying to follow your husband’s wishes, but do not know how to insist that the teacher do as you have asked. Now, the teacher has asked to meet with you and you are concerned about what she wants and what you should say to her. b. Dilemma 2 Jaime lives with his mom in an apartment with 4 other people. There are many nights when Jaime is not able to sleep because the apartment is loud. He spends most of his time watching TV because his mom works a double shift and his other family members do not want to take him outside. Jaime only sees his mom in the morning before school drop off. Jaime’s mom is trying to find a new job so she can spend more time with Jaime, but it has been difficult to go to interviews because she can’t miss work. 5. Answer the following questions: a. What is your first thought after reading these dilemmas? b. If you were the caregiver, what would you do? c. Did the parent’s point of view change your solution? Why or why not? d. Why do you think it is important to look at a dilemma from various points of view?

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