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Failed Television Programs

Pick a fairly recent TV program that failed to survive for more than a year, and examine the reasons for your program’s demise. Write at least 1 page using the format below:

1.Description:Do as much research as you can on the program. Provide a brief description of the program, including a story line and major characters. Also describe the history of the program such as when it aired, how many episodes, what kind of ratings etc. Also tell why you picked the program.

2.Analysis: After reviewing your research, identify specific problems with the program itself or problems with in the industry in general.

3.Interpretation:What does it all mean? Why do you think the program failed? What’s your interpretation of all the information you reviewed? What might the failure tell us about our culture or the state of the television industry?

4.Evaluation:Try to go beyond the conventional thinking for fresh insights. Was your program a good one that deserved better? What made it good? Was it a weak program that deserved to fail? What made it weak? Was it a mixture? Is this something Netflix or Hulu might pick back up?

The total paper should be 1 page single spaced not including your heading and work cited. You are expected to have 2 sources in APA format. (Please see bibme.org for formatting). You should be citing the show.

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