Healthcare Quality Assignment

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Purpose: This assignment will help nursing students to analyze how embracing a culture of safety will impact health care quality and to think about how they’ll implement what they’ve learned in order to provide quality and safe care in their future career as nurses (Relates to Course Learning Outcome 3).As new nurses make their transition into the workforce, they will have to navigate a healthcare system in which they will see varying levels of quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness in the care that is being provided.By having a greater understanding of health care quality, particularly the principles of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), nursing students will be better prepared to transition into the role of novice nurses within a complex health care system.

Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course and as a future nurse:

Explaining how embracing a culture of safety impacts the provision of quality patient care -this will ultimately help students to understand how their knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to safety will allow them to provide high quality care.

Explaining, in concrete terms, how they will apply this knowledge to future interactions with patients.

Analyzing a previous situation regarding high- or low-quality care and relating it to the assigned chapter by Woods (2017) and the assigned article by Sherwood (2015).

Knowledge: This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline: Health Care Quality.An understanding of this concept impacts nurses’ ability to provide patient-centered care.


  • Start by reading the chapter titled Health Care Quality in your Giddens book. Then, read: Perspectives: Nurses’ expanding role in developing safety culture: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses – competencies in action (even though this piece was published in 2015, I believe it remains a great read for nursing students because it’s short but packed with important information that relates to what you’re learning about Health Care Quality).
  • As you’re reading the article, think about how it relates to what you read about Health Care Quality.The article is brief, and I expect you to read it in its ENTIRETY and when I read your assignment, I should be able to tell that you’ve read it as you’re demonstrating an understanding of it.

For the written part of the assignment, please answer the following questions and submit in a Word document.This is not a formal APA paper (you do not need a running head or title page) but you should follow APA formatting rules for your in-text citations and the References list.

1.How does a culture of safety relate to the provision of high-quality care? (This answer should be one quality paragraph – see example).

2.What was the most important thing that you took away from reading this article, and how do you plan to work to implement quality care when you become a Registered Nurse? (This answer should be one quality paragraph – please see the example I provided).

3.Think back to your first clinical rotation in nursing school. Please describe an example of low-quality care that you observed, or an instance in which you observed steps being taken to formally promote high quality patient care (describe the instance in a way that doesn’t jeopardize patient confidentiality).Analyze your example as it relates to the assigned readings in both your textbook and the assigned article (this answer should also be one quality paragraph – see example).

Be sure to cite your Giddens text (the assigned chapter by Woods for this module related to Health Care Quality) as well as Sherwood’s (2015) article at least once in the body of your assignment. Use APA formatting correctly with your in-text citations and in the References section.

Criteria for Success:

Here is a link to a very well-done assignment from a student I taught in Fall 2019.She wrote well-constructed paragraphs that thoroughly answered the questions, and she used APA formatting and grammar appropriately throughout. I can generally tell by reading the answers to your questions if you just skimmed through the assigned readings or if you read them thoroughly and contemplated and analyzed them, and I will grade your work accordingly.

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