HAP 417, Improvement model

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Select 3 area Virginia hospitals other than the Inova System and review the Patient Experience Tab. Select three (3) patient experience indicators and compare their performance with each hospital, the State average and the National Average. Taking the lowest performing indicator for each facility respond to the following questions.

Part I:

Identify the indicators and the hospitals you selected for the Hospital Compare Patient Experience analysis. Put this information in the form of a table.

Part II: 5 points

Looking at your lowest response rate, identify an improvement model for the organization. Why did you select this model?

Part III: 5 points

For the indicators that you have selected, describe for each facility the composition of the improvement team by title.

Part IV: 5 points

What leadership style/approach would be best suited for leading a performance improvement team to improve public data and why? Include at least two examples of the leadership behavior to support your work.

Part V: 5 points

Other than the data CMS provides on this website, what additional information do you think a consumer might want to know in general prior to selecting a hospital for treatment? Why do you think this information would be useful to consumer decision-making?

Part VI: 5 points

If you were a manager at one hospital, how might this information you found be used on to improve your own hospital’s performance?

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