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The Essay is going to be about Nutrition and Food. Any information you bring from online please cite it at the end of the essay.

Task: Write an argumentative research paper with a Rogerian thesis statement that takes a debatable position on food, worldview research, or any of the current events listed below. This essay must be 6 – 7 pages. Topics not listed in the three areas noted below are NOT acceptable. Please choose from among the topics listed below.

  • use of 6 or more sources of significant scholarly, published research
  • A Rogerian Thesis Driven Paper~!
  • access current research related to the subject the student has chosen from the long list below
  • use of MLA strategies to structure this essay in such a way that it addresses the counterargument and the argument.
  • Analysis and integration of sources that support the student’s voice as a writer
  • Inclusion of quotations when citing data, scientific research and so forth. Otherwise, students should use summaries and paraphrases to borrow other people’s information
  • Inclusion of signal phrases and in-text citations to borrow any and all materials from published scholarly source

please follow the steps

  • Write an argumentative essay with a clear Rogerian Thesis that you defend throughout the paper.
  • Be sure to acknowledge the opposing position in your paper!
  • If you realize that you agree with your opposition, change the thesis–flip it so that your argument reflects your research.
  • Include a Works Cited as your last page of your paper.
  • Include the updated, corrected outline and thesis statement in this last paper.
  • Place the thesis and outline in front of your paper!
  • Avoid random Google sites, Spark’s Notes, Cliffs Notes.
  • Avoid use of “we,” ” us,” “you”, ” our” and “I” in this paper. Keep the paper professional and scholarly.
  • Have fun exploring your topic!
  • Font Size and Spacing: All papers are to be typed and double-spaced. Students should use Times New Roman font, 12 inch size. Length of Papers: All papers shall be 6 to 7 pages in length. The Works Cited will be the last page of the essay. MLA: All papers should follow the MLA format and documentation methods as noted in

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Assignment Solutions


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