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Site—the physical surroundings of a place—or where it is located [similar to absolute


Situation—the location of a place in relation to the surrounding cultural and physical

environment [similar to relative location]

Factors to consider with situation:

–natural and cultural resources in an area

–transportation connections to other places

–relative position in relation to other places

–what favorable characteristics explain why this city grew? (See backside)

Two Examples

Paris—origins based on site advantages and later situational advantages became


Site—founded on an island in the Seine River

Situation—center of a rich agricultural region, the Seine is navigable and is joined by navigable tributaries, later canals, roads and railroads all converged on the city because it was the capital.

New York City

Site—mouth of the Hudson River, which is protected by Long Island Sound

Situation—Hudson River is the only river to penetrate inland along the east coast without

rapids or waterfalls.

–later the Erie Canal linked it to the Great Lakes

–some good agricultural lands surround it

–centrality along the eastern seaboard


Select three Wikipedia descriptions of major U.S. cities from the list below and read them so that you can ascertain the site and situation. You will be most likely to find site in the introduction and the geography sections, while situation can be found in the rest of the description. Remember that situation deals with why a city location became important not what they do in that city. Write out a brief description of the site and situation for each city modeling it after the Paris and New York City examples and submit on Moodle. You might also want to go to also search for a map of the city if one is not included in the Wikipedia article.

List of Cities to choose from for Site/Situation Assignment

Atlanta, Georgia

Baltimore, Maryland

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Dallas, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Houston, Texas

Jacksonville, Florida

Los Angeles, California

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

New Orleans, Louisiana

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona

Portland, Oregon

St. Louis, Missouri

San Antonio, Texas

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Washington, DC

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