Form 1040 2016 (99) Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue Service U. Individual Income Tax Return OMB No. 1545-0074 , 2016, ending IRS Use…

Tax Return Project Here are some numbers and hints given to me:

Here is a check figure for you on your project – taxable income is $2,181,057.

If you are off by anywhere within $20 that’s probably just rounding from calculations on any limitations.

Here are a few hints for you:

1099 with royalties – be sure to include depletion in your deductions; be sure to grab the production taxes and production expenses as a deduction

Remember that not everything on a K-1 goes onto schedule E; remember what the default treatment for anything rental real estate is (ie active or passive)

Remember that a mortgage with a certain amount of outstanding principal gets limited on the amount of interest you can deduct

Remember to include the capital loss carryforward per the instruction sheet when calculating net gain or loss for schedule D

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