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Dear Tutors, Please, help with an assignment below.

For part B, please provide information on La Semana Santa or Easter and Holy Week: Observed in Spain.


Begin the discussion by answering these five questions in complete Spanish sentences:

  • ¿Dónde trabajas?
  • ¿A qué hora terminas tu trabajo, típicamente?
  • ¿Cómo pasas tu tiempo libre?
  • ¿A qué hora te levantas?
  • ¿A qué hora te acuestas?

See my example below for guidance:

  • ¿Dónde trabajas? Trabajo para ………
  • ¿A qué hora terminas tu trabajo, típicamente? Termino mi trabajo a las cinco.
  • ¿Cómo pasas tu tiempo libre? Paso mi tiempo libre con mi familia. También me gusta hacer yoga.
  • ¿A qué hora te levantas? Me levanto a las seis y media.
  • ¿A qué hora te acuestas? Me acuesto a las nueve.

B) This part of the discussion is in English. You must write a minimum of 15 complete sentences. Each person is going to research one unique celebration. Credit will not be given to repeated celebrations. In the subject of your discussion, put the name of your celebration. Make sure to check which holidays have already been posted in the discussions so that you do not repeat. You may want to post your discussion early if there is one that you really want to present. You may not choose Día de los Muertos as most have already heard of this celebration.

Example: San Fermín

Keeping in theme with the topic of celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries, your assignment is to explore one celebration that you have never heard about in a Spanish-speaking country. (If you decide to describe your experience, please make sure to support your assertions with appropriate references)

Please respond to the following questions in English: (Remember you must write a minimum of 15 complete sentences)

  1. What is the celebration/festival? When did it originate? What is its purpose?
  2. Who participates? Where does it take place?
  3. How is this festival celebrated? (What does it look and feel like to be there among the participants?)
  4. Why did this celebration get your attention and would you like to participate in it? Why?
  5. Think about a celebration or holiday you celebrate here in the US and compare and contrast how and why your celebration is similar and/or different than the celebration you are presenting.

Using third-party material: If you use other people’s words, academic research requires us to cite our sources. At the bottom of your discussion post, include the links to the websites used to gather information for your topic. If your sources were not from the web, reference the name and author of any book or article that you consulted. Please remember that text directly quoted from other sources must be in quotation marks.

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Assignment Solutions


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