Fluency without Fear Discussion Post and 1 (One Paragraph) peer response

Need help with my Mathematics question – I’m studying for my class.

Before responding to this forum, please be sure you have read this week’s reading

“Fluency without Fear.” https://www.youcubed.org/evidence/fluency-without-fear/

In at least 200 words, address one or more of the following questions in your forum post:

  • Chances are, math being taught at the elementary level is different from the way that you learned it, especially regarding subtracting (borrowing) and multiplication (memorizing times tables). Has it been difficult adapting to these new approaches either as a teacher or parent? Do you agree with the intention?
  • Do you feel that this new approach could decrease math anxiety?
  • Do you have any number sense routines, activities, or websites that you use in your classroom that have been particularly successful? How?

Peer Response


It has been difficult for me to adapt to these new approaches being taught at the elementary level as a parent. My son just moved on to middle school but for the past two years I had a lot of struggles with helping him with his homework. Sometimes I would know how to answer the problems given but he would tell me that he was shown a different way to answer a problem and I would get more turned around. When I was a Kindergarten and first grade teacher I would also sometimes have to ask a fellow co-worker to help explain certain activities to me before I would present it to my student to make sure I was given my student the best tools to use when exploring mathematics. I would go to the various profession developments given by my school’s district and I would get a better understanding on how math is being taught today in the elementary level. Yes, I have centers in my classroom that allow my students to explore number sense routines, activities, or websites. For example, we have a subtilizing station, a pattern station, a counting station and a writing and identifying numeral station that will build on a great foundation for my students to build on throughout their elementary years.

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