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General Directions for the Critical Analysis Paper (CAP) Assignment 

Concept and Prompt Sheet for Movie Review of “Living Old” in America

Directions: Watch the Frontline movie/documentary, “ (Links to an external site.)Living Old.” (Links to an external site.) Please review documentary and jot down or make notes of how the below concepts, themes, topics, or ideals are played out in the movie. Please be prepared to turn in your Critical Analysis Paper (CAP) Draft 3 of your paper’s Summary and Conclusions via Canvas on July 7, 2021.

Note: The Summary and Conclusion Portion is due at this time on July 7, 2021. Only submit your Summary and Conclusion Portion  for credit at this time. You must include the cover page in accordance with the below directions and a reference page for source verification.

Thus, this portion (Summary and Conclusion Portion) of the CAP assignment should be about 2-3 pages (not including cover or reference pages) pages and should be typed, double-spaced following the American Psychological Association’s (APA) style. Students should have a minimum of 4 citations and matching references for this portion of the CAP assignment. Please see rubric.

The key here is that you adequately and sufficiently address the following issues outlined in the prompt(s) as presented below and integrate as many of the following concepts, themes, ideals, images, theories, or frameworks depicted in the movie/documentary. Please include a cover page title, “A Critical Analysis Paper of Living Old in America.”

Documentary Summary and Conclusions of Critical Analysis Paper 

Given your introduction, thesis statement, and your developed body of the three topical areas given, your summary and conclusions should synthesize the essence of your paper and reflect the culmination of your paper.

Conclusion: This should be a summative set of statements about each of the topics discussed in a global manner. You should also discuss how and what advances are in place to deal with the changing issues as discussed above and maybe offer recommendations and solutions for more successful aging, better decisions making, and education around choice and wishes of the elderly person before death.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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