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ASSIGNMENT: Critically evaluate one of the films we viewed in class “La Operación”) and relate it to the themes addressed in class readings. Note that a film analysis is not a review or a summary of the storyline. Instead, it goes further, analyzing and reacting to the film and connecting it to the themes of the course. Your paper should accomplish the following three goals:


1) Describe the film in general. What subjects does it address? Where and when is it set? What issues does it explore? What do you think is the main purpose of the film? (Your answer to the question in bold is your thesis.) 2) Relate the film to class readings. How does the film support, contradict, or otherwise relate to the article? Does the film relate to anything else we’ve learned in class? (Your paper should include at least eight quotes or paraphrases from class readings.) 3) Critically evaluate the film, commenting on the screenplay, acting, music, direction, and any other aspects you choose. Does the film use any literary techniques such as symbolism? Who might be interested in this film?

READ: o Bonnie Mass, “Puerto Rico: A Case Study of Population Control,” Latin American Perspectives 4, no. 2 (Autumn 1977): 66-81. o Murray, Women and Gender in Modern Latin America, pp. 278-292 and 300-303.

KEY CONCEPTS: The concepts that will guide your film analysis will vary according to which film you decide to analyze. As you take notes on the film, keep in mind questions 1, 2, and 3, above. For example, what subjects does the film and article address and what issues does it explore? (ie., kidnapping and state terror? sterilization, race, and class?) Your answers to these questions will form the key concepts that will help guide your paper.

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