FIDM Supply Chain Management

  • Please be sure to read and answer each question in its entirety.
  • Answers will be graded on your ability to demonstrate your understanding of the topic using the material covered in class(including Chapter 1, 2,3,15 from the textbook and others), your reading, as well as your outside research.
  • If outside research is used, please paraphrase in your own words, and avoid using direct quotes.
  • Outside research must be properly referenced.
  • Questions:

    1. COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains across various product categories. Explain some of the reasons why a specific product, product category OR company (choose one) has been impacted and why. What are some of the long-term consequences you expect to see because of this? Based on what you have learned so far, what are your recommendations as to how companies can better prepare their supply chains in the future? Please be specific. (25 points)

    2. Define and explain the difference between a push and pull supply chain. Explain why a company would decide to use one strategy over the other, and when they would use blended approach of the two. Are there any benefits for using one over the other? How would you recommend a company to go about choosing which strategy would work with their product? (25 points)

    3. There are certain product categories where can predict the nature of demand based off the product category, expected product lifecycle and consumer behavior. Please give an example and explain the demand behavior of the following product characteristics. What are some of the challenges that need to be considered when creating a forecast for these products and how can a company overcome any uncertainty or errors made in demand planning and forecasting? (25 points)

  • Product with a short lifecycle and unpredictable demand
  • Product with a long lifecycle and stable, predictable demand
  • 4. Compare and contrast some of the risks and benefits of outsourcing to a non-domestic supplier versus a domestic supplier. What are some of the ethical sustainable business practices that must be considered? In your opinion, is there one choice (domestic or non-domestic) that would be considered the more sustainable choice? Why? (25 points)

    Chapter 1,2,3,15 from Textbook link:…

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    Assignment Solutions


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