Ethical Practice

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Students will research and utilize Frederick Reamer’s Ethical Decision Making Model in conjunction with the NASW Code of Ethics to determine how to handle the case study below. Be sure to cite your work using APA.

Mary, a social worker in a school setting, was instructed by the School Principal to refer a client, Mrs.Yang, (student’s mother) to a family service center and to cease contact with Mrs. Yang. Mrs. Yang’s ex-husband, Mr. Chan, informed the Principal that he was granted custody of the child, Emily, and Mrs. Yang only has supervised visitation rights. Mr. Chan also instructed for Mrs. Yang to be removed as school as contact informing the school that Mrs. Yang’s contact with Emily at school was outside of supervised visitation time and is prohibited.

Mary had been seeing Mrs. Yang for the past six months since being forced out of the family home. The sessions with Mrs. Yang were always emotionally charged as Mrs. Yang felt helpless with thoughts of loss of financial support and the imminent loss of her child. When Mary informed Mrs. Yang of the transfer, she broke down but said she understood the school’s stance since “she was Singaporean and therefore had no rights whatsoever.” She asked if Mary could update her of Emily’s progress as she was worried that her child would not be able to cope with her absence.

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