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The annotated bibliography assignment will be one of several throughout the Ph.D. program to help Ph.D. students be ready for the doctoral dissertation. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in a doctoral program is the ability to identify other research that pertains to your own. This means you’ll have to identify similar research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your research. An annotated bibliography helps you develop and hone these research skills. This assignment is listed on the syllabus as “Final research paper” and is worth 15% of your grade. Your paper will be an annotated bibliography, explicitly focusing on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Choose a “theme” (i.e., ERM in Healthcare, Financial sector, Technology, higher education, manufacturing., etc.) and make sure that all your resource relates to your theme. I prefer you relate directly to the group’s residency project research topic Your paper must be in correct APA format, and will need to include at least seven (7) resources, ALL of which must: 1) Be current. Published within the last five years. 2) Be peer-reviewed. I expect you to use your own words and follow the APA and use citation and references. Remember that an annotation is not the same as an abstract. Abstracts are descriptive. Your annotations are to be evaluative and critical. Give enough information for the reader to decide if the selection is interesting enough to read the paper, and also how you perceive the paper. Don’t go skimpy on these annotations, but DO NOT write too much here. Quality is far more important than quantity. This exercise is for each of you to demonstrate that you can identify, categorize, and digest multiple research papers. Every resource you choose must be peer-reviewed. That means the paper must have undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference. You must ensure that your resources have undergone rigorous reviews. In most cases, you can find out the review process for a conference or journal by visiting the appropriate web site. Do not merely assume that a resource is peer-reviewed – check it out. I expect about three pages (Around half page for each article)

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