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  1. READ the introduction to this week’s discussion
  2. WATCH the two brief videos
  3. READ the prompt and instructions posted beneath the video clips
  4. WRITE & SUBMIT your initial post into the Reply box Week 2 by Wed. before 11:59 pm. within your specific (assigned) discussion group
  5. RESPOND to a minimum of two classmates’ posts in your group by Sun. before 11:59 pm.


Introduction | Context (Read first)

Before you contribute to this discussion, first spend a few moments reflecting on the following questions:

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  • In what ways is gender “a social construct,” – in other words, how is it a culturally produced set of expectations that is separate from the biological category of one’s sex?
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  • In your particular community growing up, how strongly communicated were the gender expectations about how girls and boys should look, behave, etc? I.e., how How rigid and/or traditional were those expectations?
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  • Are their ways that we, as a community or culture reinforce and ‘police’ gender conformity (informally and/or officially) to discourage people from straying from or rejecting the norm?
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  • Is there counter-evidence to the above? In other words, are their ways that we, as a community or culture permit, encourage, or support the relaxing of these norms and expectations, and the related pressure to conform to them?

Next: Watch the two short video clips below. After watching, respond to the prompts posted beneath them in your first post, which is due Wednesday.


The trailer from the 2011 documentary, The Miss Representation Project (Links to an external site.)

The trailer from the 2015 documentary, The Mask You Live In (Links to an external site.)

Writing Task:

Your initial discussion post will be divided into three parts. Label each segment with the appropriate heading, as follows:

  1. Cultural Message
  2. Myths and Misunderstandings
  3. Example


  • Your first discussion post should be detailed, thoughtfully organized, developed, and direct responses to the prompt(s) below. Minimum length: 250 words. Write in complete sentences and well-formed paragraphs.
  • Include the questions with your responses and number them accordingly.


Part 1. Cultural Message:

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Identify and describe one gender stereotyping message you receive from the general culture about your own gender. What are the social or other risks and costs of defying that stereotype? Explain.

To support one or more of your points, incorporate at least one relevant and well-integrated reference to an assigned reading from this week (via properly cited quote, or paraphrased/summarized passage).

Part 2. Myths & Misunderstandings

In your view, do the stereotypical gender expectations depicted and reinforced by popular culture create myths and misunderstanding between people? Explain. Do they make it more difficult for us to “see” or understand each other’s authentic experience of gender? Explain your view. Be specific.

Part 3. Offer an Example:

Finally, you’ll share a relevant visual or audio example of a gender message taken from the larger culture around you:

  • Insert (Links to an external site.) an image, embed (Links to an external site.) a video, a clip of music lyrics, or post an excerpt of text that demonstrates a problematic or stereotypical gender message from popular culture (this can be about either gender – it does not have to be about your own). You might choose an ad, a scene from a film, the text or a clip of a popular song lyric, a magazine headline, a TV commercial (YouTube), an artwork, or a short clip from a television program, to name a few.
  • Discuss your example: Underneath it, briefly explain and discuss why you chose it and why it’s significant/relevant.

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