English 2311

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1-For this assignment you will create a brief description of the final product or a specific element of your instructions for Polished Project 4. You should not need any source material to complete this activity. If your instructions do not result in a final product, you may elect to describe a primary element in the process. For example, if your instructions address changing a tire, you could describe a jack, wheel, or the end result. If you are creating instructions for a recipe, you can simply describe the end product.

2- For this assignment you will create a brief outline of a process that is familiar to you. You should not need any source material to complete this activity. Ideally the process will be related to your current or desired field, but this is not required. For example, you can write about ordering supplies for your office, completing routine bicycle maintenance, or beginning an AutoCAD project. If you need help brainstorming a topic, just shoot me an email! You will be converting these instructions into a presentation, so the formatting does not matter. However, you will want to follow the outline provided in the “Instructions and Guides” video from this lesson.You should be using the imperative mood and make minimal use of second person. First person should be avoided.

There is a video for each question you should watch i will give the username and the password so you can watch the videos before starting with the questions.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions