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The fourth assignment/paper project for English 101 is a research paper of five-to-seven pages using at least four sources found in our academic library and cited correctly with MLA to persuade your reader about your idea of the broad topic of “Digital and Social Media.”

You may think of this paper as a longer, more academic version of the previous assignment.

(Ideally, Assignment #3 is practice for Assignment #4.)

You must narrow this topic into an idea that will meet the parameters of a brief research paper, so you must choose one platform about which to write; you may not write about digital and social media generally—or, many platforms.

You might ask yourself:

“Is using Instagram (or a different platform) helpful or harmful for teens or

young adults? If so, how and why? If not, why not?”

“Is Facebook (or a different platform) responsible for spreading harmful lies? Is this a

dangerous platform in which to participate? Does use of this platform cause

personal and/or societal problems? If so, how and why? If not, why not?”

“Is Twitter (or a different platform) simply harmless entertainment or a way just to

connect with loved ones or others far away? If so, how and why? If not, why not?”

“Is advertising on (choose a platform) good for business but bad for individuals

and/or society? If so, how and why? If not, why not?”

The questions above are just examples of possible questions that may help you to begin your research paper. You may use one of these questions for your paper, or you may generate your own idea for the paper.

After reading Chapter 11, “Arguing to Persuade,” (pgs. 250-276) as well as Chapter 15 “Planning a Research Paper,” (pgs. 342-357), Chapter 16, “Finding Sources,” (pgs. 358-371), Chapter 17, “Evaluating Sources,” (pgs. 372-378), Chapter 18, “Incorporating Source Material,” (pgs. 379-400), and Chapter 19, “Using Sources Responsibly” in EQ, you must compose a five-to-seven page argumentative and persuasive paper—complete with introduction, thesis statement, integrated quotations (short and, rarely if ever, long), paraphrasing, (visual element(s)—only if you like), counterargument, and conclusion/call-to-action—about a narrow topic concerned with “Digital and Social Media.”

Again, it will be useful to re-read Chapter 20’s sample MLA paper, “The Benefits of Slow Reading Lost in Our Fast-Paced Culture,” (pgs. 426-432) to see an example of persuasive research and for ways to use MLA correctly. It will be helpful to read, again, all of Chapter 20, which you read for the previous assignment.

After you have read and understood the assigned chapters in EQ, you must obtain approval for your topic via e-mail before attempting to compose the paper. Be sure to check the course schedule for the topic-permission due date.

Please, feel free to make contact with me about your questions and concerns for the requirements of the paper after you have read assigned textbook chapters and spent time researching, pre-writing, and drafting your ideas. Make contact with me via Zoom, e-mail, and/or phone—whichever way is better for you.

Finally, please, see the schedule for workshop (five-or-more specific questions e-mailed to me) and final (when the paper is turned in to be graded) due-dates. This assignment is worth 100 points.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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